Our market’s products present an array of flavours with their origins in quality natural ingredients which awaken the senses and intensify the flavours on the palate.


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A unique experience for the senses

Our market’s products present an array of flavours with their origins in quality natural ingredients which awaken the senses and intensify the flavours on the palate. Taking gastronomy from the shop to your table is easier thanks to our selection of products for enjoying quality in the comfort of your own home.

What our customers think

I had not tried a dish that would give me back to childhood. It was like traveling in a time machine to my childhood.

Natalia Marcos Loreal employee

In my family always sausages were prepared. I can identify the homemade taste and this one has it. The ham, the sausage, the pork loin ... I like everything.

Maria Parra Lawyer

Decades of tradition


Decades of tradition vouch for the Casalba brand, where the preparation of products is filled with authenticity by the winds of the mountains of Burgos, the silence of their wineries and respect for the values of the rural community

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Own brand


Passion for local quality produce have led us to create our own brand to publicise impressive products from unassuming producers. Professional growth can become as exquisite as the products bearing the De La Demanda name

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Intense flavours


The stimulation of sensations is intensified with our varied selection. Each cheese is evocative of its origin in the nuances of its flavour, the artisan hands which shaped these unique products. Try them on a platter or separately, with the best accompaniment (bread, wines, ham and cured meats), a true pleasure.

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Taste, feel, live


The historical city of Burgos is worthy of a venue where the best local products can be savoured. As a leader in lifestyle, we emphasise gastronomic tasting within the context of an animated social life.


Fire has accompanied man since his origins. Meat, fish and tapas are savoured whilst feeling the warm embrace of the embers, the aroma of Castilian villages, the freshness of snow-capped mountains.


We have regained the joy of sitting down to eat, delighting in both the food and the company. We place the focus on the best quality products during each season of the year with varied seasonal cuisine to avoid monotony.


Wine is culture and friendship. Our wine selection offers you the best of Spanish vineyards coexisting alongside international wines, uniting regions and people in a toast of red, white and rosé.

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Our gastronomic range is as healthy as it is different. We are true to our origins and match the most demanding palates with those on the quest to discover new flavours. Take a gastronomic voyage extending from meadows to the sea, passing through vegetable gardens and farmyards and then acquire the products which awaken sensations you thought were long gone.

Demanda Lifestyle

The trendiest experience is the one that leaves an indelible mark, such as the one we offer with the combination of unexpected flavours, the feeling of having enjoyed a moment which persists and provokes the irresistible desire to return.

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Our team of professionals are devotees of quality products and constantly seek excellence in order to feel closer to you.