Our market’s products present an array of flavours with their origins in quality natural ingredients which awaken the senses and intensify the flavours on the palate.


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Demanda tasting

You try it, you like it, you buy it.

Real flavours are not forgotten olvidan

The world is your oyster, savour moments, raise your glass on a terrace, feel tradition, hear life, authenticity.

From the bar to your home

Taking the best is very easy. At the bar you have a nibble at what you most want to try, and in the shop you take home what you most want to enjoy. As such, gastronomic pleasure never comes to an end.

Why is De la Demanda Mercado an absolute must?

Because no one remains indifferent to this experience which brings gastronomy back to life in its purest form, raising the level of cuisine in Burgos, adding a personal touch to the tastings.

What would you like to have today?

Choose from amongst our special dishes, cured meats, cheeses, meat, fish, preserves, smoked, scrambled and sandwiches


What our customers think

I had not tried a dish that would give me back to childhood. It was like traveling in a time machine to my childhood.

Natalia Marcos Loreal employee

In my family always sausages were prepared. I can identify the homemade taste and this one has it. The ham, the sausage, the pork loin ... I like everything.

Maria Parra Lawyer


Our team of professionals are devotees of quality products and constantly seek excellence in order to feel closer to you.