Our market’s products present an array of flavours with their origins in quality natural ingredients which awaken the senses and intensify the flavours on the palate.


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A rendezvous with your nearest and dearest. A venue for enjoying the culture of wine, both on the premises and at home. Carefully selected references for seeing, finding, discovering, tasting and buying.

The perfect accompaniment for good food and the best moments

Choose the one most suited to each dish, Iberian matured meats, cheeses…

Designations of origin

The soil offers us different grape varieties. Men leave us the legacy of their fermentation. We have designations of origin and local brands for any first class occasion, guaranteeing full satisfaction.

National and international wines

Reds, whites and rosés are present as part of a carefully selected variety of national and international wines which lend to the balance of perfection.

Cavas and liqueurs

Raising a glass to celebrate is a gratifying social occasion which must be done using quality liqueurs. Choose from amongst French champagne, our vermouths, orujos, brandies and cavas to suit all occasions.