Our market’s products present an array of flavours with their origins in quality natural ingredients which awaken the senses and intensify the flavours on the palate.


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Your trusted gourmet shop has a surname from Burgos

  Your trusted gourmet shop has a surname from Burgos. It is an exclusive designer venue with unforgettable flavours. The emotions start their journey with the eyes, continue with smell, pause at taste and reach their destination in the heart. In the very heart of the city contact with its social life is constant. Next to the banks of the Vena river we remember the importance of life. The essence of evolution is found in the process of a unique place. The gourmet shop Delademanda Mercado offers a variety of food in a class of its own. On the premises you can sample it and then immediately take it home with you. How? Trying samples at the bar and buying them at the counter on the first floor. In the lands of El Cid, people are used to fighting for their beliefs. We make it easy for you. Desire should not be put on hold. Day after day we work to respond to your gastronomic concerns, with the guarantee seal of the Casalba brand. Gourmet shop: the products that are waiting for you Cured meats, cheeses, wines, preserves and many other premium quality products can be found at Calle San Lesmes Nº2. `Delademanda Mercado´ takes you on a voyage from meadows to the sea at the blink of an eye. On the shelves of our gourmet shop you will find: Iberian cured meats National and international cheeses Wines with their designation of origin Homemade liqueurs Premium quality preserves Oils to dress your dishes Char-grilled meat Char-grilled fish Smoked products Surprising your dinner guests with exquisite products, giving your nearest and dearest one of our gift packs or, simply treating yourself when you feel like it, is possible thanks to a gourmet shop in which hundreds of families place their trust. Buying products in Delademanda Mercado allows taking home what you would usually only get to try in first class kitchens. We are democratising access to gastronomy because we believe it’s everyone’s heritage. Enjoy!...